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How to Select the Best Exterior Components  for Your Golf Cart

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Golf carts are for more than just the golf course. They are used in neighborhoods, parks, and even for getting around large properties. So, if you own one, you know very well the importance of appropriate parts and accessories. Selecting the most suitable exterior components can give a golf cart a better look and a longer life and offer comfort and safety when someone takes a ride.

Quality, durability, and aesthetics are some of the essential factors that you will need to consider when selecting your golf cart parts. This blog will take you through what to look for and why. We will also look at DongYi, a top golf cart parts brand.

Dongyi supplies almost all components, including but not limited to belts, bumpers, backrest cushions, ice buckets, rearview mirrors, refrigerators, roofs, and windshields, all designed to fit perfectly and last long. If you want your golf cart to become all the more stylish or functional, then DongYi will have that.

In this blog post, we will look at the critical exterior components of your golf cart. We will look at some considerations you will need to make while getting these components, improved performance, how these parts will be offered to your cart, and how to care for them. So, let’s go on to making your golf cart the best there is!

Essential Exterior Components for a Golf Cart


A belt will be a significant safety feature in your golf cart. It will help maintain your safety and that of your passengers when driving on the course. It is the reason that you need a quality belt.

The belt should be made of hard materials that will not easily get worn out. A quality belt will always offer you the peace of mind that everyone aboard is safe throughout the drive.


The bumpers on your golf cart save it from different objects in cases where you accidentally bump into an object. Usually, bumpers are made with hard and strong materials like steel and heavy plastic.

A good bumper reduces your costs in terms of repair and maintains the look of a new golf cart. There are different types, such as front and rear bumpers, to offer complete protection.

Backrest Cushion

Comfort is most important when riding a golf cart; a backrest cushion shall suffice. In doing so, these cushions will provide your back with added support while riding for long distances. There are materials and thicknesses to the point of selecting a backrest cushion. Soft and breathable materials are most highly recommended for comfort and duration.

Ice Bucket

Keep your drink cold with an ice bucket. Whether you have a few drinks with you and just don’t like stopping, or it’s a hotter day on the course, this is always a nice feature to have. I genuinely appreciate long trips or picnics. Look for a nice-fitting, easy-to-clean ice bucket. Some ice buckets come with lids to keep the ice from melting too fast.

Rearview Mirror

A rearview mirror helps provide views behind you when riding a golf cart. It proves very handy for you when there is a need to do a reversal in movement or a change in direction is needed to be effected. There are single rearview mirrors as well as panoramic rearview mirrors. Get one through which your vision is straightforward and can be moved back and forth.


An additional small refrigerator inside your golf cart would be ideal for those outdoor trips. It will allow your food and beverages to cool correctly to ensure you enjoy them entirely while having fun outdoors. The size, energy efficiency, and capacity are considered when choosing a refrigerator for your golf cart. It properly fits inside your golf cart and can stock enough items.


A roof shades the golf cart from the sun and the rain, protecting you, the occupants. It will be guaranteed to have you take a round of golf or even a fun ride with friends, no matter what happens with Mother Nature.

They are also available in a selection of plastics and metals. Roofs are also available with built-in storage and even additional lighting features. Pick a roof that suits your golf cart and provides the necessary protection.


It is a windshield made to keep you free from wind, dirt, and debris as you drive along. A windshield can also make the ride much more comfortable as it reduces the resistance from the wind.

The two most common types of windshields are fold-down and one-piece. If you intend to buy a windshield, make sure it is made with very durable materials and exactly fits your golf cart.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Exterior Components

Material Quality

One certainly wants to have a guarantee of high standards regarding the material quality of the exterior components. Good material quality indicates an element has durability and will last under different weather conditions.

For example, belts made of high-quality, tear-resistant materials will last longer than flimsy ones. Good material will make them endure longer, saving you money on repairs and replacements.


Ensure the part ordered is compatible with your golf cart model. You should be able to check the specifications of the parts; only some parts will match your carts. Make sure you go for the parts that are designed for a model since that will give a guarantee for the best fit; it makes installation accessible, and it will work accordingly.


Consider a few practicalities concerning some exterior components. A nice bumper protects your cart, so, too, in the same level of respect, a good quality roof and screen protect you from both the rain and the sun.

The functional improvement of a component in your golf cart will only add to the balance of function and aesthetics for the best of both worlds.


Make your golf cart look good and perform well. Shop for those parts and supplies that give it an improved look. Choose from the color and style that best matches or complements your cart. A look that coordinates with one another can be entirely distinguishing for your golf cart and have your style.

Brand Reputation

The brand name associated with the component is an equally important consideration. Dongyi is a brand trusted across the market for good quality products and customer service. Buying from a reputed brand name gives you the surety of a good product that will last for real. Look at good branding by reviews and market reputation.

Enhancing Performance and Appearance


It could increase your golf cart’s value in terms of performance: some body kits and their parts lessen the air resistance your cart has to overcome to make it move smoothly and effectively. For example, smooth bumpers and windshields can cut through the air in a far easier way to increase speed. Doing so would conserve energy and make your cart more efficient.


To the people inside such a golf cart, it would mean so much to have been taking the ride comfortably, whether over a long distance or a short one. High-quality seats, backrest cushioning, and the utilization of a belt for it add to the comfort level of its users.

One should look at ergonomically designed seating that provides good support and breathable material to avoid getting too hot. It would add to comfortable seating options, and while the cushions add to the experience, they will make a big difference and provide someone with even more pleasing rides.


Always ensure that safety is given priority. For proper functioning of the same, safety features like headlights, tail lights, and turn indicators are a must, especially when you drive the cart through semi-dark areas.

Rearview mirrors are provided to enable you to see back and prevent any accidents. Ensure that the safety devices are fit and operate. It will keep you safe and comply with the rules within your jurisdiction.


Special and unique components can customize a golf cart to become a personal statement. In this, custom paint, custom seats, ice buckets, and refrigerators call for the creative.

One in this regard can think of something that would make this golf cart an even more fantastic entertainment asset yet cater to its occupants. The trend in features for a golf cart nowadays includes roof design, wheels, and customized decals for that specific design.

Recommended Brand: Dongyi

Overview of Dongyi

Dongyi is the brand for the best high-end golf cart components. Indeed, its reputation over the years has been that of a manufacturer that produces long-lasting, reliable, and good-looking parts that enhance golf carts’ general look and performance. Dongyi sees its mission as providing golf cart owners with top-notch products that meet and exceed their needs.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

For quality and the best customer treatment, as usual, customers do not fail to mention DongYi. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers:

“I bought a set of bumpers from DongYi, and they have been fantastic. They look great and have protected my golf cart from several bumps. Highly recommend!” – John D.

“The backrest cushion I purchased is incredibly comfortable. It has made my golf cart rides much more enjoyable, especially on longer trips.” – Sarah P.

“DongYi’s rearview mirror was easy to install and provides a much better view than my old one. It’s a must-have for anyone who values safety.” – Mike T.

These reviews highlight the reliability and quality of DongYi products, making them a top choice for golf cart owners looking to upgrade their vehicles.


In this blog post, we’ve covered the essential exterior components of a golf cart and provided tips on selecting and maintaining them. From belts and bumpers to backrest cushions and windshields, choosing high-quality components from a trusted brand like DongYi ensures your golf cart is safe, comfortable, and stylish.

You can enhance your cart’s performance and appearance by considering material quality, compatibility, and functionality. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, protective coatings, routine inspections, and proper storage, will help keep your golf cart looking and functioning at its best.

Upgrade your golf cart with DongYi’s top-quality products and enjoy a better ride today!

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