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AC/DC Electric Motor

 AC motor, and DC motor. AC motors are flexible for speed control and demand low power during start. On the other hand, DC motors are widely used due to its initial cost of low power units is less compared to AC and can be easily installed.

noise pollution

It operates with minimal noise so the impact of engine noise is greatly reduced.

environmental and health benefits

Reducing emissions and creating a less polluting environment are clear benefits of electric engines


It is one of the greatest advantages of electric motors, converting more than twice the electrical energy into mechanical energy.

regenerative braking

Loss of kinetic energy in the form of heat and convert it back into electrical energy, less wear and tear, extended service life.

low cost

Compared with fossil fuel engines, electric motors have lower major costs and better reduce environmental pollution.


The motor has few moving parts, runs smoothly, is properly maintained, and has a long service life.

Some motor application scenarios

Hunting Vehicles

Club Vehicles

Tool Vehicles

Sightseeing Vehicles

golf cart led light

LED lights allow you to improve visibility when driving at night or in dimly lit areas. Lasts longer, not only looks better, but is more efficient, making it a better choice for your golf cart electrical system.

Energy Saving

LED lights operate more efficiently, so they don't consume too much battery power.

Environmentally Friendly

They contain no toxic chemicals. LEDs are also 100% recyclable

Highly impact

LEDs can withstand impacts, vibrations and even shocks

Long lifespan

LED bulbs are expected to last up to 100,000 hours, which typically equates to 11 years of continuous operation.

Temperature Resistant

LED lights work well in almost any temperature setting!


LEDs are extremely durable and made from strong and durable components.

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